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Since 2011, the Passport to a Healthy City campaign has been one of my key initiatives as Mayor of the City of Westland.  The campaign promotes healthy, active lifestyles for all of Westland’s residents through the development of fun, convenient and innovative programs created as a result of strong public/private partnerships between the City of Westland, local businesses, and its residents.  By encouraging our residents to work towards their goals of a healthier lifestyle through education, nutrition, and exercise, the goal of this campaign is to become recognized as one of the healthiest cities in America.

So take the journey with us!  Let’s get healthy in our All American City!

So, let’s get healthy Westland!
Mayor William R. Wild


  • The cornerstone of this program is the health education and exercise class lead by Buddy Shuh a finalist from the “Biggest Loser” program.
  • Every city event will also include a healthy component to it

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