A well balanced diet is critical for good health.  However, exercise is an equally critical component to achieving a healthy lifestyle and all the benefits that come with it.  This page will help you find ways to fit exercise into your schedule no matter how busy or what your current fitness level or experience may be.

Exercise isn’t just about looking good or lifting heavy things over and over.  The smart folks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention know that physical activity is a great way to get healthy and STAY healthy too.  The CDC has an easy to use page with suggested activities for children, adults, and older adults too.  Click on the CDC logo above to visit their site for age appropriate activities to get and stay healthy.

Our friends at the American Diabetes Associate have developed a page to give you ideas to keep exercise fun and fresh, motivate you through the tough times, educate you about weight loss, and give you access to fitness expert that will teach you how to blend daily life and exercise.  Click on their logo below for access to all this great information and more.

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